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May 19 2018

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I’m so bad at this game - he died before I even got out of Create a Sim.

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A 22-month-old female scaredy cat tiger appeared to get the shock of her young life when she encountered a dead leaf floating on a pool of water in the Bandhavgarh National Park, India. Clearly unusure about just what was approaching her, the partially submerged youngster’s tail shot up in the air and with teeth bared she let out her most fearsome growl - all in an effort to scare the humble leaf away.

Picture: HERMANN BREHM / NPL / Rex Features



this is like the happiest thing I have encountered in a while

they should form a support group. 

I lost it when I saw the tail, before I even read the comment oh my god

My name is cat
And wen I see
An unnown thing
Approaching me
Prepared to fite
I show my teef
I growl real loud
I scare the leef

an example of your typical californian


california person: *riding around on their scooter* shaka brah i want a quesa! grody that i don’t have my dilla right now!

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DreamWorks’ Shrek was first released on May 18th, 2001.

The song “All Star” by Smash Mouth, heard in the opening credits, was only placed in the film for test audiences until a new song could be found. But test audiences loved it, and the producers kept it in. When the producers decided to keep “All Star” they decided to let the band sing the last song in the movie, “I’m a Believer.” (x)

Happy birthday you big stupid ugly ogre


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A professor at my school thought “bust a nut” meant to get angry




dnd character idea. a bard who gives inspiration by being such a megabitch that everyone tries extra hard to prove them wrong. local cleric says ‘i dont know why but every time they say something i just get this urge to kick them in the shins and so my strength checks have been way better lately’










i want to protect every young girl in the world being wrongly sexualized and forced to grow up way too fast

The 13-year-old girl from Stranger Things:


Her 15-year-old male costar:


JFC why can’t they leave that poor girl alone???

What’s sexual about this? @sespursongles

Gee i dunno, maybe the way they had her spread her legs and make an o-face???

She has to pose, he gets to play

Asking “what’s sexual about this” is almost insidous. Sure, she’s not naked and she’s not performing any sexual acts, but that’s not what sexualization necessarily means. The girl-child is looking longinly, languishingly into the camera. She has her legs in a short dress spread, her lips separated, and very much make-up making her look older. She is passive, for the camera/viewer, while the boy is active, joking, playing, relaxed and as a child, respected as a child. I’m sure someone might say, “but that’s you sexualizing her, with your gaze” but come on, who are we kidding here? We know the industry sexualizes young girls, we know this isn’t a coinscidence. We know this is the pattern, the model for woman according to the male gaze or woman performing for the male gaze, and we know she is 13 and that everyone knows she is. And we know this destroys girls.


Protect Millie Bobby Brown.

(Also, as the grown-ups, that’s our job - not hers).





Current favourite thing: Strange tumblr curses like “I’ll shred your shoes” or “I’ll fill the lobby with sand”

it’s all fun and games until you forget to filter yourself and are now known in the office for threatening to steal people’s teeth

sorry, you what?

i work for a game developer so we have playtests and i was on voice chat with my team and this one dude made an absolutely goddamn atrocious pun so i told him “im going to steal your teeth” and it turns out people remember when you say things like that out loud


The McElroys: *say the name of a celebrity*

Me, Laughing Through Tears: i have no fucking clue who that is







ive never seen Titanic

thats cuz it sank

damn, she was thicc :/ rip





i had a dream i put some mcdonalds french fries in my pocket and when i went to grab them and they had transformed into a box of marlboro cigarettes. nice fucking symbolism dream banksy i just wanted a snack

Fic Trope Bracket






In which I clearly had too much time on my hands at work today. Who wins your fic trope bracket?

Now you can fill your bracket out online, thanks to my friend, Snarkarina! https://brackify.com/bracket/11230/fannish-finals

Actual, playable brackets FTW!

Best. Thing. Ever.  \0/

I was genuinely stymied when I had to choose between fake dating and mutual pining because, of course, the correct answer is fake dating while mutually pining.

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“I VIOLATE ARTICLE 27, SEC. 553-4 OF THE MARYLAND ANNOTATED CODE SAFELY, OFTEN, AND EXTREMELY WELL,” Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Washington, D.C., October 11, 1987. Photo © Exakta.

Sections 553 and 554 of Article 27 of the Maryland Code prohibited sodomy (punishable with a sentence of “not less than one year nor more than ten years”), oral sex, and “any other unnatural or perverted sexual practice with any other person.”

via @lgbt_history


re-reading ur own fics like wow which binch wrote this, this is gr8, what happened, where did they go


i wonder what childhood is like for invertebrates. a lot of being like “oh FUCK. im small” id suppose.





my primary reaction to infinity war is like…. wow. under hypercapitalism we literally can’t imagine any other fables about resource scarcity, huh?

i’m not even talking about only thanos. every time thanos said his plan to kill half the galaxy (because it’s “finite,” lol ok one-semester-of-econ guy) the other characters were like “no!” or “you can’t!” or “that’s madness!” instead of… counter-arguing, or saying anything like “couldn’t you just… double the resources with a snap of your fingers?” obviously, nobody wants thanos to murder all those people, but it’s also as if everyone tacitly accepts his framing of the problem. “i want to kill half the universe because of resource scarcity,” he says, and everyone says “no, that’s too cruel!!” instead of “wait… wait just a fucking second there, paul ryan.” they don’t even have a line like that even when they’re talking amongst themselves, just musing at how twisted his worldview is, that he can only imagine infinite power as an infinite power to kill. no time is spent imagining an alternative.

and i can’t help but think about how we in the quote-unquote “first world” treat the resource consumption of the so-called “developing world.” we, who have enjoyed the pleasures and benefits of fridges and air conditioning and televisions and cars and convenience food and all that shit for generations: we look at the growing energy & plastics consumption of the developing world and go “uh oh, they’re really running the tab up over there, we can’t let this happen, think of the…. trees!!!” we have the audacity to act like people living in poverty in the tropics wanting window fans is selfish and short-sighted for the environment, and meanwhile we use and waste all the energy and resources we can get ahold of, like a continent full of montgomery burnses.

infinity war could have taken thanos’s approach to scarcity somewhere bigger: somewhere that was useful as a parable for our hypocrisy. the way that ragnarok was brave enough to make a parable of empire; the way that black panther could explore diaspora and identity; the way that the winter soldier actually had something to say about the surveillance-terror state. but for all the moving pieces of infinity war, i don’t think it knew where its central ethic rested. certainly, its characters showed the desire to preserve and protect life. but that’s true of any superhero film.

what it comes down to for me, is that it’s not enough for this movie’s theme to be “let’s protect people, because killing people is bad!” or even, sorry steve, “we don’t trade lives.” it’s not enough. thanos basically says, “there’s one bowl of soup and one spoon and two hungry people, so one of them has to die.” so what i needed was someone to openly reject that whole proposition. not just “no, you shouldn’t kill trillions,” but “no, that is fucking ludicrous, i reject that worldview. i reject human life as a brutal competition. group survival, even in the face of scarcity or hardship, is exactly what the fuck we developed culture for.” like, we could use that message. that message, delivered palatably in a blockbuster action movie, could do some good.

but it wasn’t really in there. maybe in little bits, in pieces. maybe. so i’m sure we’re going to have to endure a bunch of “welllll, thanos was a bad guy, but he did have a point about scarcity” metas. because we’re still failing to see how asking other people to die so that the rest can enjoy plenty is itself exactly the fucking problem on this bitch of an earth

i will acknowledge that gamora comes the closest to doing this. gamora comes down on thanos for slaughtering half her planet. but!! but! then thanos gets this horrible line about how the children who grew up after his genocide got to have “full bellies” and the planet’s a “utopia” now. and what does gamora get to say back to that? nothing! she doesn’t get a line after that! she looks angry and grief-stricken, but the writers don’t give her a single fucking thing to say in disagreement!! like, how about: “growing up as a traumatized survivor of genocide isn’t very fucking utopian????” the writers couldn’t imagine that fucking line?

Yay I’m not the only one who thought, “Oh no, at some point I’m going to inevitably run into some jackhole trying to defend Thanos as having a point…”, and “OR you could just create more resources and distribute them equitably?”

I was so fucking pissed about that, because we KNOW what happens to cultures when substantial percentages of the population are eradicated by famine or disease or war. It is not a good time! It is not twenty years later and everyone’s well fed! Because if you eradicate 50% of a population, you destroy labour, you destroy infrastructure, you screw absolutely everything for the survivors.


loki: where’s the child support bitch

svaðilfari: [neighs because he’s literally just a horse]


Guerrilla Grafters Secretly Graft Fruit-Bearing Branches onto San Francisco Trees




This is excellent. Now that it’s fall and the trees in my city are bearing, I’m always bummed out by the lack of free and open fruit trees, which very often fit the profile of the trees planted in city parks. The only difference is prettier springs and more fruitful falls (lit+fig). This particular experiment is made possible buy the sterile fruit trees planted as part of a city initiative, but the guerrilla planting of fruit trees is always possible, as well as finding older fruit trees and grafting new varietals on to create a healthier tree. 

This is just glorious!

For anyone who doesn’t grow, grafting is a trick you can do with many plant species. Because plants have no immune system, you can cut a branch from one tree and attach it to another tree, and that branch will continue to grow. Bind the two plants at the join for long enough, and the two will grow together, giving you, basically, a Frankentree. Sometimes the plant tissues will even grow into each other, so you end up with single branches that have living tissue from both plants in them, like some kind of chimeratree.

They don’t even need to be the same species (though they do need to be compatible). A lot of plants you can buy from professional growers are actually grafted. It’s quite common to take a plant with a strong root system and graft the top half of another plant to it – this can let you grow plants in environments which wouldn’t normally support them. If you ever see chilli plants on sale, it’s quite common for them to be grafted. Look for the join, low down the stem, a few centimetres above the soil.


You can be audacious with this kind of thing, and grow fruit branches on trees that wouldn’t normally bear fruit, or you can even grow one tree with multiple types of fruit.


Guerilla grafting though. Heh! I like that!


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my aunt who owns horses constantly posts these excellent horse memes

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